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Cleveland's Best Bartender is now available to blow the roof off of your event. Featuring electrifying flair shows and mouth watering feature bars, you have found one of the best of the midwest....PERIOD.


Cleveland's Best Bartender (courtesy Cleveland Plain Dealer/ is now available to blow the roof off of your event. Featuring electrifying flair shows and mouth watering feature bars, you have found one of the best of the midwest....PERIOD.

Flair Bartending

Flair BartendingFlair bartending is sometimes referred to as “extreme bartending” or contracted to “flairtending.” The word flair became popular among practitioners in the mid 1990s. “Flair” is also used as a verb (e.g. “to flair”), referring to any trickery used by a bartender in order to entertain guests while mixing a drink. Flair bartending can include juggling, flipping (bottles, shakers), manipulating flaming liquors or even performing close-up magic tricks (also referred to as “bar-magic”).


Robbie Flair has been performing as a flair bartender for 19 years. He has competed in numerous World Flair Bartending Championships from ranging from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla to the Rio All Suites Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Robbie has also served as a technical flair judge in many world competitions, and is also a founding father of the USBG National Flair Committee, overseeing the promotion and execution of US participation in Global Flair and Mixology Competitions. Robbie Flair will blow your guests away with improvisational, interactive working flair and stage performances that will have you believing Las Vegas is right here in your backyard!

Private Events

Robbie Flair is available for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Brand Launches
  • Workshop Trainings


For wedding receptions and such, COCKTAIL CUISINE! by Robbie Flair, is a gourmet beverage catering service which offers high end culinary beverage from aperitif’s to hand crafted gourmet libations, to digestif’s, coffee creations, and molecular sensations, all custom created to make your wedding a most memorable one. Robbie will work with the caterer to pair cocktail flights with the dinner service, offer a themed gourmet cocktail in honor of the Bride & Groom, Bridal Table-side Cart Service, and/or may provide cocktail hour bar service. On this day, you use the finest chef’s to create an amazing dinner-with COCKTAIL CUISINE! you have access to one of the country’s finest Bar Chefs that will leave your taste buds yearning for more! COCKTAIL CUISINE! is the only premier GOURMET BEVERAGE CATERING service in the nation that focuses directly on giving the Bride & Groom an experience never forgotten.

Signature Cocktails

Buffalo Plains Manhattan

Buffalo Plains Manhattan


Silver Surfer Margarita



Craving Christmas Cocktail



Proud Mary Crusta


About Robbie Flair

2011 Woodford Reserve’s Master of the Manhattan – Ohio Champion, 4th in the World

Born in July of 1971, yet appearing much younger than his birthdate shows, Rob Turek began his bartending career in the summer of 1996. Sitting on a stool at Cleveland’s Professional Bartending School (Yes, bartending school….he actually attended one), a dream began to form within him to become the best bartender possible. It was a page from the school textbook entitled “about the author”, where Rob discovered the existence of world bartender competitions, most notably Walt Disney Resorts’ Quest for the Best Bartender in the World! Tediously studying the craft and working various places from restaurants to catering halls, Rob eventually landed a gig at one of the busiest nightclubs on the East Bank of the Cleveland Flats, BAR Cleveland. Simultaneously, Rob was invited to take on a part time position as an instructor for the bartending school, and was sent to the PBSA headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before long, Rob became the Head Instructor/Job Placement Coordinator for the school, and within a year was the recipient of the National Instructor of the Year Award! During that same year, Rob competed in a local bartender competition ( a quallifier for Disney’s Quest) and won the right to compete in the World finals at Mannequins Dance Palace of Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World. To his surprise, Rob did so well in technical scoring, he ended up placing 13th in the world among over 100 bartender finalists! This was the beginning of an illustrious career. With continued success in competitions, Rob began to start making a name for himself within the industry. He has worked in some of the top establishments in Cleveland from BAR Cleveland and Banana Joe’s in the Flats, to the trendy lounges such as Wish and Spy Bar, to name a few. 15 years later, and a plethora of awards, Rob was named the Best Cleveland Bartender by The Cleveland Plain Dealer and! Driven to succeed, Rob will never compromise his quest for excellence in becoming the best bartender Cleveland has ever seen. Here are a few things about Rob Turek you may not know…….

FAVORITE DRINK: The Buffalo Plains Manhattan. A crafted cocktail utilizing Bison Bacon Fat Washed Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Peppercorn Vermouth, Creme de Cacao, and St. Germain. This drink won the award for best manhattan in Ohio and took 4th in the country at the finals in NYC 2012!

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Spending time with his neurologically disabled son, Cody. Half the week, Rob devotes his time solely to his son, helping him in his journey to improve his illness, and maximize the wonderful father/son relationship! Bartending 3 nights a week allows Rob the time and money to do this!

FAVORITE MOVIE: The Pursuit of Happyness. What the mind can conceive, it can acheive!….oh, and also the 1977 juggernaut film, Star Wars: A New Hope.

BEST ADVICE FOR NEW BARTENDERS: Stay modest! You can never learn all there is to learn in the world of bartending. Study hard, practice often, keep your head up, and succeed along the way. There is no end point to mastery!


Why book Robbie Flair/ Rob Turek? It all hinges on how much you want your event to rock! When you book Robbie Flair or Rob Turek, you’re booking a professional, not a novice. When you book Robbie Flair or Rob Turek, you’re booking a word of mouth novelty that comes second to none. When you book Robbie Flair or Rob Turek, you’re booking yourself the best thing your event will have going, bottom line. And that’s the point isn’t it? To get the most for your bottom line? Look no further than right here, because you’ve found the solution……fill out the fields below, and get ready for excellence!

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